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Totsuco creates
new energy
Next Generation Li-ion Battery

Three Principles of Totsuco
Safe and friendly to the human race and the natural world.

Promise abundant and comfortable future.

Pursue cutting edge technology and esteem of ingenious idea.

Theme of Totsuco
Next Generation Li-ion Battery Business
*Development of Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery

Integration System
* Development of Power source compatible for source of power to Motor and Inverter

Smart Grid
* Development of Micro-grid system and Large scale Smart-grid system

Magnesium Battery Business
*Development of water injection type Mg Battery for lighting equipment
*Development of Simple lighting equipment, which is sure to bring joy and happiness to the Non-electrified area in the World
*Development of Emergency Power Source that can be stockpiled in case of Disaster
*Integration System
*Development of Power source compatible for source of power to Motor and Inverter<
LED Illumination Business
*Development of lighting equipment without Switching Power Supply
*Street Light, Industrial Light and Home Appliances etc.

Magnesium Extraction Business
*Research and Development to Recycle Energy by Extraction of Magnesium using Solar-Furnace
*Desalination of Sea-water Business and salvage of Magnesium as byproduct from this process


Privacy Policy of Totsuco
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