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Products of Totsuco

Magnesium Battery

Magnesium battery

TM-3 LED Lantern

The following three kinds of Magnesium battery are under developing.

 *Carbon Type

 *Carbonate Type (Coating and Cylindrical shape)

 *Alloy Type

Hybridizing of a Magnesium battery with a Li-ion battery is indispensable because Magnesium battery has characteristics of long time discharge with small current therefore can not respond to Rush Current which requires momentarily big current.

Hamoco Japan

Next Generation Li-ion Battery

TO-A1 Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery

TO-A1R Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery Racing version

Dr.Ozawa(R) Battery developed as next generation Li-ion Battery, has world's first feature as following.

 *World First : This battery will be capable to replace Lead battery without any danger

 *World First : Metal case is not required because there is no fear of explosion or danger

 *World First : Safe battery, even if short circuit occurs

 *World First : Safe battery, even if Reverse-Connects +- terminal

 *World First : Unlike Lead battery or existing Li-ion battery, concern is not necessary for complete electric discharge of this battery which is the same as Nickel-Cadmium battery or Nickel-Hydride battery

 *World First : Hyper battery, can perform Multiple connection and Series connection with battery pack

 *World First : Hyper battery, is equivalent to Super Capacitor. Response is very good and Rush Current is the same as Super Capacitor


TO-A20 Dr.Ozawa(R) battery 2.4V20Ah (2016 Spring) 25Ah will mass product soon


LED Lighting

It is the first LED lighting in the industry without power supply unit therefore electric noise doesn't occur and can control the dimmer, Full life of LED lighting can be secured without obstacle, because there is no reduction of LED lighting's life by degradation of power supply unit.





Dr. Nishibori Lamp


World First : Illumination colsest to the Sunlight, Vaporized material excited by microwave discharge lamp.

*Illumination closest to the sunlight, colour temperature 6,000K and Ra:98 high colour rendering properties

*Lamp efficiency 101 Lm/w

*High luminous flux maintenance factor 90%, and long life as System Life 20,000 hours, Lamp Life 50,000 hours.

*Brightness : Input power 1,100w, Total Luminous flux 60,000lm


Type G (Waterproof, salt damage protection)



Type A


Li-ion Type UPS, Li-ion/Mg Hybrid UPS


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