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Smart Grid Strategy of Totsuco
Features of Totsuco's smart grid
*Instant recovery is possible for blackout → Supports instantaneous large current (30C-40C)

*Ultra-wide range of design that can be used even at an environmental temperature of -40 to 80 degrees centigrade is possible.

*Safe system design is possible even in the event of various disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

*Ultra-quick charging is possible, and 50% charging is possible in a minimum of 30 seconds.

*Very simplified BMS enables free operation

*Totsuco will manufacture a device that can reuse one Li-ion battery system that is waiting for disposal, which is an obstacle for each company, one by one or several, and will recycle and resell it. (Please contact us before disposing of the battery)
*We can also accept large-scale power supply systems from the micro grid to MWh class and GWh class as a group.

*We propose a system that includes the optimum battery cell, power conditioner, and control system for the system.

*Repair and maintenance can be handled by contract.

* Except for some, we also support overseas.


 Totsuco Incorporation

  4F Bayside Ueda Bldg., 31 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan 231-0023